Hey there! I'm @brysonreece, a passionate maker, full-stack engineer, and avid learner.

I spend most of my days creating new combinations of hardware and software. I try and share what I've learned through various talks, workshops, and tweets. (Still working on that last one!)

I'm extremely proud of a select few projects I've had the honor to work with others on:

  • 2020: Built a number of internal tooling solutions and refined existing implementations for Wunderite.
  • 2019: Built out the core infrastructure for WellCaddie, raising our valuation near $10M.
  • 2018: Created Athena with Ryan Dobyns, a VR learning management system built for distributed education.
  • 2017: Worked with Jonathan Stalling on patented new forms of Chinese pronunciation techniques. I also co-founded OUVR.
  • 2016: Helped create and develop O.V.A.L., which went on to host the world's first multi-state, multi-campus virtual reality classroom session.

For more examples of my work, or to learn more about me, check out the resources at the top of the page!