Bryson's Manual


Bryson Reece -- Maker, student, human; occasionally all at once


Norman, OK


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[bryson] is a Software Engineer located in the Norman, OK area. He currently is involved in a number of community projects such as hosting community workshops, OUVR, and Norman AR/VR. He also works for WellCaddie and The University of Oklahoma as a Software Engineer.
Aside from programming as a day job, [bryson]'s interests include programming in the night, dusk, and dawn. Time not spent programming however is utilized tinkering, socializing, and working on home automation.


Software Engineer (WellCaddie)
Implemented a complete overhaul (both frontend and backend) of the WellCaddie online service, directly resulting in a company valuation increase of several million dollars.
PinYin Consultant (University of Oklahoma)
Assisted in developing a number of patented communication devices to enable Chinese speakers to gain a better grasp of the English language through experimental translation techniques.
Software Engineer (University of Oklahoma)
Helped establish the first makerspace at the university, developing workflows and custom tooling for managing 3D printing services. Also helped develop O.V.A.L., a VR pedagogy tool currently used by universities nationwide. O.V.A.L. went on to host the world's first remote pedagogy session in virtual reality.
Proficient in full-stack development targeting PHP development and Unix tooling. Experience in C++, C#, Java, and Python, as well as embedded programming with C via the Arduino development environment.
Athena -- Video/WebVR Learning Management System (MLH Hackathon Winner)
Axis -- an RFID/NFC access-control management system for the NodeMCU ESP8266.
EmPy -- analyzes emotional states of Instragram posts using machine learning.